A Note from Self-Imposed Isolation

Weird times we’re in. I had originally planned a post for last week. But I’d had a job interview that went well and preoccupied me all weekend, and then I found out on Monday that I got the job! And we all know what happened ’round the world since then. So the post I’d planned no longer felt appropriate. Honestly, I’m not sure what kind of post would suit these days.

I’m enjoying the content on my favorite bloggers’ and Instagrammers’ pages, and I do feel like it’s good to have that kind of escape right now. But with the intent of this blog, I just don’t feel capable of writing something right now without worrying it might be interpreted as insensitive, preachy, privileged, exclusionary, etc. So for now, I’m taking a little break. I may be quietly writing in the background, creating a little stockpile of posts for when things (hopefully) return to normal.

Until then, I hope we’re all able to find things to read, watch and do to comfort ourselves. That we stay in touch with those who matter to us. And that we take stock and pay attention to what we have instead of what we haven’t.

I hope those who are sick recover quickly.

I hope those who are healthy remain well.

I hope we call all treat each other with respect and consideration now and always.

Robyn Kern is the Tangentier. A long-time writer based in Los Angeles with a degree in screenwriting and an interest in mindfulness, many tangents led her here: a place where people can come to find and share inspiration, dwell in each others' passions, and learn how to surround themselves with what they love on the daily.


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