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Fall Decor, No Veggies Required

I don’t know too many people who have decorated their homes around the color orange. Or even those who have used orange as an accent color, at least since the ’70s. But every year, fall approaches and everyone storms the pumpkin patches or parking lot pumpkin purveyors. People plunk nice, mid-sized pumpkins or groupings of autumnal gourds on their dining room tables or fireplace hearths and call it fall decor. And these vegetables can appear out of place. I mean, at what other time of year would we decide that placing an uncoordinated vegetable on a piece of furniture would make for great decor?

The good news is that there are options for fall decor no matter what your style or color scheme is. You’re not restricted to the prescribed autumnal color palette of golds, oranges, rusts and browns. You don’t have to use cornhusks and straw. There are a multitude of options available for sale or DIY. You may just need a little style inspo.

Use colors already in your palette

As I discussed in this post, A prominent color in my home is peacock blue, or teal. Luckily for me, this color is everywhere this fall, including Target’s dollar section, which is where I found these plush pumpkins. Not only does this arrangement fit perfectly into my style, I can reuse the pumpkins year after year.

My fall decor centerpiece of a crystal bowl filled with plush teal pumpkins, set on a couple cocktail books, alongside a glass pumpkin, a copper pumpkin, and a larger plush, teal pumpkin.
Extra points if you use cocktail books as a pedestal.

Into pink all year-round? You’re not the first. While browsing Instagram for my upcoming London trip, I spotted this photo of Peggy Porschen Cakes, which is decked out for the season. Notice how the shop remains faithful to the style of the bakery while charmingly incorporating fall elements.

Of course, you may not want to include mushrooms or skulls in your decor, to which I say, to each her own! And if you enjoy pumpkins but can’t find ones in stores that fit your style, all you need is a can of paint in your preferred color.

Maybe blues or purples and plums are your thing? Just as with my own centerpiece, these colors can look warm and inviting in fall themes.

But what if you’re a minimalist? There are options for you, too.

If you like neutrals, like black and white, or grey and silver, there are beautiful looks you can try.

Don’t enjoy a decor salad?

Another option is to skip the veggies altogether. You can bring the feeling of fall into your home just by adding more texture. Add a tweedy or fake fur throw to a chair or sofa.

Put a spray of eucalyptus, berries or branches (or all three) in a vase.

Think about what you enjoy about the season, and how you might express that in your own way. That’s how you’ll get the most out of the season in your own home, by your own rules.

What colors are in your palette? How are you decorating for the season? Tell me and other readers below!

Robyn Kern is the Tangentier. A long-time writer based in Los Angeles with a degree in screenwriting and an interest in mindfulness, many tangents led her here: a place where people can come to find and share inspiration, dwell in each others' passions, and learn how to surround themselves with what they love on the daily.


  • Maggie

    LOVING those peacock/teal pumpkins! I’ve seen some really pretty silvery gray options that I’d like to incorporate over here for our Thanksgiving table, and you just gave me some inspiration ๐Ÿ˜‰

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