Getting Through the Post-Holiday Slump

My new door mat, which reads, "Welcome."

January can be a let-down of a month. The celebrations and gift-giving have passed. My calendar is wide-open. I’m faced with the expansive year before me, one filled with unknowns. I’m working a freelance job while searching for a permanent one. I have no major vacations planned. No major social events on my calendar.

I can leave it that way. Recuperate from all of December’s activity. Clean out my cabinets. Wash my dingy walls. All of which I’ll do. But I also plan to inject some newness into my life that has nothing to do with goals or resolutions.

  • I’m going on a hike with a friend. Like I wrote about here, hiking is new to me and I love it. I feel starved for physical activity and being out in nature is sure to revive my atrophying muscles and spirit.

  • I’m trying out a new recipe or two. Something with lots of vegetables, that will also be comforting and satisfying.

  • I’m finishing one book and starting another.

  • I’ll investigate what I need to do to get started on a newsletter to accompany this blog.

  • I’m setting out a new doormat to replace the one that has fallen apart. (I believe I should feel welcomed when entering my own home.)

  • I’m making plans to see friends I haven’t seen in a month or so.

  • I’ll catch up on some of the Oscar-nominated movies.

  • I’m making lists of things I want to do/visit/see/try during the rest of the year, including theater, museums, restaurants, day trips, books I want to read, and anything else meant purely for enjoyment.

Basically, I want to wake up my brain from its winter (read: carb-loaded) fog, and find a way to feel invigorated. It’s possible—it just requires some seeking out.

Now I want to hear about your plans for January. Tell me about it in the comments!

Robyn Kern is the Tangentier. A long-time writer based in Los Angeles with a degree in screenwriting and an interest in mindfulness, many tangents led her here: a place where people can come to find and share inspiration, dwell in each others' passions, and learn how to surround themselves with what they love on the daily.

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