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Color & Mood: Rose-Colored Everything

The flourishing bush outside my front door that explodes with spindly pink flowers during the colder seasons.
The flourishing bush outside my front door that explodes with spindly pink flowers during the colder seasons.

Maybe it’s because of Valentine’s Day. Or hints of (or wishes for) spring’s arrival. But around this time of year, I am attracted to all things pink. Pink clothes, pink makeup, pink decor, pink sunsets. I even find appealing items that are pink in “feeling”—rose perfume, sweet, sugary desserts and fluffy, marshmallowy blankets. Pink is an instant mood improver.

Pink has long been associated not only with femininity, but with positivity, aka “rose-colored glasses.” There’s something about this hue that makes anything it touches seem sweeter. I mean, I doubt Pepto-Bismol would sell as well as it does if it were gray, no matter how well it works. The lighter shades imply softness, while hot pink and magenta have an upbeat, disco energy to them.

I still remember my first Barbie’s hot pink dress, so there is a nostalgic element attached to the color for me. It triggered happy feelings when I was little, and it still does today.

I’ve collected some perfectly pink items from around the Web that bring a smile to my face, and link to them below.


Sometimes I’ll go for a monochromatic pink look with tones on my lips, cheeks and eyes. Other times I let my lips take center stage with a bold pink hue. Either way, pink makeup puts me in a good mood.

You can find great pinks from your favorite brands. Mine include Lisa Eldridge, Ilia and Charlotte Tilbury.


There’s just something about a wooly, pink sweater that not only feels warm, but looks cozy, too. The color reflects beautifully onto my face, too. And a pink platform oxford somehow looks retro, modern, cool and feminine all at once. I’d bet that a pink look uplifts the moods of those around me, too.


I know some who are bold enough to feature a pink sofa in their homes. For me, pink is best as an accent color, especially when used in textiles. Urban Outfitters has some great options.

What color soothes or uplifts you in February? How do you incorporate it into your life? Tell me about it in the comments!

This is the second installment in my Color & Mood series. Read the first installment here.

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