When a Lipstick Is More Than a Lipstick

You’ve probably read about or experienced the mood lift that can come from swiping on a bright red lipstick. Whenever I wear mine, I feel energized, instantly put-together, and confident. Recently, I’ve been wearing a slightly more orangey shade of the red I usually wear. It’s a color I have a hard time pulling off when I have a tan. So this time of year, when I’m at my palest, is the best time for me to wear it. When I wore this lipstick, I found that my lipstick had an effect not only on me, but also on those whose paths I crossed.

Me, wearing the lipstick, Lisa Eldridge's Velvet Morning. My dog, Izzy sits on my lap to get a better look.
The lipstick: Lisa Eldridge’s Velvet Morning. Even Izzy wanted to get close to it.
Sweater – Everlane // Necklace – Oak & Luna

I know this because I got the most unusual reception from complete strangers wherever I went. I’m not talking about appreciative glances from men. I mean the most welcoming smiles from women and children of all ages. It was so apparent—once I concluded that I didn’t have an embarrassing piece of food stuck to my face—that I realized that my lipstick must have seemed like a hello in the form of a happy color.

It’s true, that a person who wears such a color wouldn’t be hiding from attention. But these smiles were so genuine and warm—almost of familiarity. These people seemed to be happy to see me. Of course getting such a reception wherever I went put me in a good mood, too.

This made me think about the general conversation about appearance that we’re having nowadays. That it shouldn’t matter or affect what people think of us. While I agree with that notion, the fact is that our appearance can positively affect our own outlooks in addition to—apparently—that of others. So maybe it’s worth giving a thought to, especially if it requires as little effort as applying lipstick.

Want to try this bold shade? Here are a few recommendations. Click on the image for more info or to take you to where you can get the look.

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