A Thanksgiving Gratitude Invitation for My Fellow Tangentiers

I’m grateful for my trip to the mall today, in 87-degree weather, so that I could happen upon this reminder of something chilly!

Many of us practice gratitude around Thanksgiving. With the holiday just a few weeks away I thought this would be the perfect time to inject that practice with a Tangentier twist.

The day before Thanksgiving, I will be posting the people, places and things from 2019 that I’m grateful for, along with the tangents that led me to them. For example, I’m grateful that the Dodo, a site and brand about animals, led me to discover adorable dogs to follow on Instagram, because they make me smile every day.

By recognizing what we’re grateful for in this way, we bring our attention not only to what makes us happy, but also to who or what brought us this happiness.

I would be grateful if you participated by commenting on that post with what you’re grateful for and the tangent that brought it to you. I’m giving you lots of notice so you can start thinking about it now!

Here are a few other examples of what I mean:

• The cobbler recipe you love, which you found because you used a salad recipe from the same blog and decided to take a look around on the site.

• The little gift shop that has the perfect assortment, which you only just discovered because it’s next to your new dentist’s office.

• The pretty flowers you now see on your commute because construction has made it impossible to travel your old route.

I think that when you begin to practice gratitude this way, you’ll be able to recognize the positive that comes from the mundane or even unpleasant occurrences in your life. You might even extend this habit beyond Thanksgiving, and practice gratitude, tangent-style, regularly.

I’ll post reminders on Instagram, but in the meantime, start jotting down your ideas so that beginning on November 27, you can join the gratitude party on The Tangentier.

I look forward to seeing you here!

Robyn Kern is the Tangentier. A long-time writer based in Los Angeles with a degree in screenwriting and an interest in mindfulness, many tangents led her here: a place where people can come to find and share inspiration, dwell in each others' passions, and learn how to surround themselves with what they love on the daily.


  • Iva

    I love this idea! I’m thinking already of the new Thai place I discovered because I was late for a dentist appointment and couldn’t find any other parking but in a strip mall so decided I should buy something since the lot was for customers only. The lunch specials were cheap and delicious! I’m sure I have more of these!

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